The Right Back up Body

This is a really important matter when it comes to your photography. We all have those moments when I our primary camera body goes down and has to be sent in. In the perfect world it happens right after a trip causing no discomfort. Unfortunately it usually happens right while your doing something. That’s why it is so crucial to have a good backup body. I see and hear a lot of photographers go out and spend money on new bodies and more and more lenses. But they don’t always put the money back into a second body.


If you think about why wouldn’t you? If your going to spend the money on the latest and greatest why would the backup be something so much older. I’m not saying carrying two D5’s or two D500’s is the way to go but have something that you know will do a quality job if something does happen. For myself, right now my backup is the D4. I’ve shot with it for years, I know how to use it and I’m comfortable with it. It will still do a good job regardless of when it came out. But that’s just me. If you’re thinking about upgrading keep in mind that you also have to upgrade that backup body.

It’s New, It’s Shinny, and It Smells Good

Yep after much anticipated waiting the Nikon D4 has been released and with it a whole new series of images. It’s pretty darn cool how fast these new products come out nowadays, but it also leaves one feeling left in the dust. I know personally that this is one camera body that isn’t going into the camera bag. What did he say?! That’s right even with the greater ISO, better Pixel Ratio than my D3, and 1080hp video capability it’s still not the tool for me and here’s why.


It comes down to the price. The 6k price tag represents a large investment, an investment that right now is better used to go travel and make more photographs then it does to buy gear. The tools in my bag are fine for the moment, and for a lot of those a bit newer in their careers that’s something to be aware of. Something to always be thinking about no matter what the gear is, is where does the investment pay off? I guess you could say I’m like my Dad in that respect, for he had a similar viewpoint.

Now I have no doubt that this is a great camera, and if you have watched some of the videos or images put out there already then you know it is. Corey Rich is definitely one I like and I have to Thank Dad for showing this one to me. I would love to play with one if the opportunity comes up, so hopefully my Dad will be nice and let me try it out at some point. Who knows things might change and the need arises to purchase one, not always knowing is part of the game. For those of you who already know that this is the camera for you or if you just didn’t get everything you wanted this last holiday season you can check out more HERE.

Images courtesy of Nikon Press Room

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