Still Time for the Photopaths Contest

The Photopaths Photography Contest is still going on and it’s a great contest to get started in. There are some good prizes and some great judges, myself included. If you have that one image that you have always liked or that one image that has always stood out then maybe now is a good time to do something with it. Follow the Link to the site and read the contest rules and guidelines. The contest is going through September 26 so hurry up because time will go by fast!


Photopaths Photo Contest

This really does feel like the summer of firsts for me. A few weeks back I was asked by the founder of Photopaths if I wanted to be a judge in their first ever photo contest. Having never done one before I naturally said, Yes! I am thrilled to be a part of this with some other truly amazing photographers as you can see from the list of judges.


It’s going to be a great contest with some great prizes from sponsors like Wacom and Kelbyone. If you’re interested click the LINK to find out more about the contest and how you can enter.

A New Source of Inspiration

A couple months back I was honored when asked to be a part of this new website for inspiring and educating other photographers. It’s called PhotoPaths. The sole purpose of this website is to inspire other photographers and to help them stay inspired as they follow their passion. The entire site is setup with the help of industry leaders sharing their knowledge and passion to help you grow. It’s still new but it’s pretty darn impressive to see some of the photographers that have imputed their time to this project. I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go. If you have a minute I suggest checking it out.


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