SB-5000 Firmware Update

In case you missed out on Nikon’s site or my Dad’s, there is an update for the SB-5000 Flash. Here is the link and below you can see what was updated.

• Fixed the following issues:

– Zoom (angle of illumination) did not function as expected at low temperatures.
– When AF ONLY (AF assist illumination activated, flash function canceled) was selected for Custum (Custom menu) > AF (AF-assist illumination/canceling flash function), pressing the shutter-release button halfway after restarting the standby timer or after turning on the camera would not activate the AF-assist illuminator.

New in the Camera Bag SB-5000

this just arrived on Saturday and I’m super excited to start shooting with it! the SB-5000 is the latest performance flash that Nikon has released and it does an amazing job. Besides being lighter and smaller it has a radio controlled wireless function that when combined with the WR-A10 (Wireless Remote Adapter) and WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller (transceiver), the possibilities seem endless. It also is faster and has a built in cooling system which helps prevent overheating. I can’t wait to try this out in the field.


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