Just Keep Pushing

The one piece of advice that Dad taught me that always stuck, keep pushing. It’s not a very complicated thought but it is certainly one that means a lot. In this business it’s either do or don’t and there really isn’t much middle room. I bring it up today since I recently got my third cover for the year, last month with Trade a Plane’s special Aero Friedrichshafen tradeshow cover. It features the Texas Flying Legends Museum P-51D Mustang “Dakota Kid II,” P-40K Warhawk and Supermarine Spitfire MkIX. It’s not up on the website because it’s a show only copy. Simple lesson to be learned, if I can do it then so can you. Just gotta keep pushing.

Starting the New Year Right

At the end of every year we make our own self goals that we think will help make the next year better. Being human, by the end of the month usually we are already off from our goal list. The best advice has always been to keep it simple. Make goals that can be achieved and not ones that are so difficult that you set yourself up for failure before even starting. This goes for life as well as for business. For me, my goal is simple. Make this year as good as last year if not better. Well for me it’s off to a good start with the 1st cover of Trade-A-Plane!

A Great Way to End May

Yesterday I got a box delivered with my tear sheets from Trade a Plane. I was very fortunate to get the cover of the Third May issue. It was great timing seeing how the second May issue was Dad’s. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing better then seeing your photographs in print. Of course getting the cover is just that much sweeter.

Tradeaplane Third May issue 2016

Now Trade a Plane doesn’t pay for cover space but it is great exposure since pretty much every pilot looks at this magazine. Best of all Trade a Plane is always looking for unique air to air images so if you have one you might want to consider reaching out to them.

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