Got To Photograph What’s Common

Some lessons you just have to learn the hard way and by now you would think that I have learned this one but I still haven’t. While I was back home I had the chance to photograph some of the local bird species that inhabit the Sierra’s and always flock to my parents house as the whole house is surrounded with bird perches and feeders. This little guy is a cooperative White Breasted Nuthatch photographed with the D4 and 300 f/4 VR. My first time using that lens and I have to say it’s a great lens. Sharp and light, which is a great combo.


I ended up only shooting a little bit due in part to my extreme holiday relax mode but as I found out when I got home I had no White breasted Nuthatch’s on file. I couldn’t believe it! Such a common bird I’ve seen for years in Cali and see regularly here in Montana. Well it just goes to show that every opportunity you get you need to shoot even if it is something considered “common.”

It’s Spring Time and the Critters are out There

It’s finally Spring and that means that the kids are out. I love this time of the year because there are so many possibilities of photographing parents and their kids doing what they do. It’s a whole other challenge of cpaturing that part of the life cycle without endangering the critter and it’s a very important one. Whether it’s a Nuthatch going into a cavity, a Prryhuloxia bringing a nice grasshopper in to it’s noisy kid or even a couple of pup foxes bugging Mom to nurse, there’s is always some great moment out there waiting to be captured.





Not to mention that the kids themselves are usually pretty darn cute. If you want to start with something simple and easy to find, you can never go wrong with rabbits. They are everywhere and are always a fun subject. Trick with working on a ground critter, get low. Getting low can eliminate that background and make it blur out. Not to mention everyone looks down at a critter munching on the grass but not enough look across at their level. It can be a very powerful image when you see life from their perspective.

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