It’s Just Pretty

Ever since I got this new reel and rod setup, I have been taking photos of it. The Sage Pulse, 9′ 6wt and Ross Evolution LTX Reel are just an amazing combo! Beyond the feel and application purposes combined they are just gorgeous in any photo. Naturally this past weekend while there was a little break in the cloud cover, I had to grab a couple of quick clicks.

Images Captured with Nikon D5, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

Passing on the Knowledge

I get asked a lot if I ever get my picture taken and my response is usually, “every now and then.” I have always enjoyed being behind the camera opposed to in front of it but there are times when it is fun to be in front. Some of the best times are when I pass the camera over to someone who isn’t a photographer.

My friend Al has been looking at fishing photos for years but it wasn’t until we started fishing together that he started asking how is this done. Over the years he has gotten a lot better, to the point where I know he’ll get a good shot of me. While he might not now what equipment he’s using at the time, in this case the D5, 24-70 AF-S, and SB-5000, he can see what makes up the essence of a good photo. This knowledge that we obtain as photographers is best preserved if we pass it along. In today’s world of rapidly changing technology and the affect it has on photographers, it is important that we not only inspire but help others learn.

More Steam!

As I posted about yesterday, steam can be great for any winter image whether it’s black an white or not. It truly depends on the story on you are trying to tell. In this case, showcasing the life in the north. Granted this is a little extreme and most don’t fish in below freezing weather, but hey it makes for a compelling image. Simple click with the D5 and 24-70 f/2.8.

Winter Weather Apperal

Winter is hear and proper outdoor gear is important. No matter what your plans are for outdoor recreation it’s crucial that you go prepared for whatever might be thrown at you. Water, food and warm clothing is a must. The goal is to keep the chill from setting in because once it does it’s harder to get rid of it and it’s harder to shoot once you have it.



Along with the proper supplies, don’t be deceived by appearances. Always check before going out the temps and winds to see what conditions will be like for both shooting and standing. Even though it might be sunny it could easily be freezing. Cross Country skiing gloves are great for dexterity and warmth, combined with a good warm neck gator any outdoor activity can be fun.

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