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There are ten straps out there for every camera body. Each person has a preference as to which one is the best. For me, it comes down to safety, functionality, and comfort. We spend a lot of money on our camera gear and we want it all safe at all times when it’s hanging around our necks and shoulders. These are the three main straps that I use, why I use them, and what accessories go with them.

The first strap is the Domke Gripper Camera Strap 1.5″ with Swivel Quick Release – Black. This is the basic camera strap that I use all the time when walking around with a camera body on my shoulder. The extra grip on the inside of the strap keeps it from sliding off of my shoulder which is great. The small lightweight nature of the strap makes it easy to fold up into any camera bag.

Next up is the Vulture A4 1.75″ Camera Strap with Aluminum Quick-Release Adjuster. This is a heavy-duty strap made from US Military Grade Webbing, double stitched, with 3-550 Cord and Mountaineering Carabiners. In other words, it’s really really strong which makes it perfect for Air to Air photography. This is my primary strap for my aviation work.

Last up is the AN-SBR2 Black Rapid Quick-Draw Strap. This strap I also used mostly for aviation work since I primarily only use it attached to the 200-400 VR. The Strap screws into the bottom of the foot making the lens rest comfortably at my side. Plus there is a secondary backup strap that attaches to the neck strap rings on the lens collar. The Black Rapid rests on my shoulder and straps under the armpit. It’s comfortable and secure.

This latest addition to my camera strap collection and camera bag is Peak Design’s, Anchor Link. This simple, fast system attaches an anchor to the camera and the other to the end of the camera strap. It saves time and because it’s metal and plastic it’s strong but won’t scratch the camera body. You can learn more about it in the video I posted on this page.


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