Thinking about the light


I know I haven’t blogged lately, I seem to have a mental block right now and don’t really know what to blog. Could be because I haven’t done any shooting this past week, was busy getting house work done. Also the Grosbeaks haven’t been around, as apposed to last week. Last night I drove up to the Lakes Basin seeing what it was like up there right now. When I was up there I got an idea for a shot using light painting. It had to do with one of the lakes and the bridge going over that lake. However it was very windy, making the water ripple and not that good for a reflection. Part of the shot I saw in my head had a this great reflection in it, so I decided to wait until it was calmer. It got me thinking about this shot though. I took it a while ago in Banff Canada. Never did anything with it, and didn’t have a blog back then. So I thought I’d share it now.

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