400ft below the earth surface


Being back in Montana means I’m out exploring a lot. There is one particular place that i wanted to go for the last couple years but never was able to get into because the gate was always closed. The Lewis and Clark Caverns, a very cool place with amazing opportunities for those that don’t mind some walking and cave diving. We have to take a guided tour into the caves for security, but before we do, we have to climb this lovely 350ft climb.


The cave itself is less than a mile long, but every foot has beautiful formations no more then an arms reach away. In the last couple of years the path has been upgraded with some lighting, making more subjects pop out.


There are two main chambers, a decent of 600ft, and even a pool.There was even a few hundred bats above. Unfortunately i was so lost in my own little world capturing images that I wasn’t listening to well to the guide as he went through names. I’m definitely going back soon.

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