Second day in Yellowstone


I wished i could have gotten this up sooner but unfortunately i had to go back to school this past Tuesday and since then i have had very little time to do work with images. Beginning of the semester chores as it were. Today i finally had some time so i thought I’d get some shots up from the second day of DlWS. The day was rather unusual with power outages, snowcaoches breaking down and some wasted time. Nevertheless good things did happen.


One of the great things about Yellowstone in the winter is the ability to shoot people and their shadows in an entirely different fashion. The steam and the snow allows for a great combo with people. I spent most of the day looking for those combos and enjoying the ones i found. For instance this one above is at Grand Prismatic Springs which is just a gorgeous place. This person was walking on the boardwalk at the right moment.


The trees, the light and the shadows seemed to form this abstract image. This was at Old Faithful down the path from the lodge.


This too was on the same path down from the lodge and im afraid i don’t remember the name of the pool. He maybe walking on water but those colors are amazing.

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