Why haven’t i blogged?


I realize that i have been inconsistent with my blogging and have not been blogging much at all for the last couple of weeks, for that i must apologize. It is not because of a lack of want or effort merely a lack of time. Currently i am enrolled in 2 art studio classes and have been rather busy with portfolio pieces. The portfolio is coming up so mind is on that. Hopefully once its over, besides being able to start graphic design studio classes, life will get calm, but i rather doubt it. The piece above is one we were given last week and will be tunred in tomorrow. This is a value still life project based on a series of live mounts brought in and setup for our drawing. One of the live mounts was this Great Grey Owl with a killer face and expression. Immediately i knew that was the one i wanted to draw. I again apologize for the not so great image, it is hard to see the details put into it. I don’t normally put anything else but my photographs on my blog, but i figured since i can’t find a Great Grey to photograph then i guess i’ll have to draw one as a substitute. Luckily everyone was given a break this weekend and i will have time to go out and shoot, i just hope i can find some subjects.

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