Where’s the Barn when you need it


What a familiar scene, me out shooting landscapes at sunset! Gasp. I know, i know I’ve done this far to many times lately but that’s just what’s around at the moment. To be honest i can’t remember a better year since I’ve been here in Bozeman for shooting sunsets. Now of course it may just be that I’m actually pushing myself to get out more or it could be just plain luck either way I’m not complaining. This past Saturday i went up into the Bridger’s for a drive. Just looking around as it were. I didn’t find much.


I took the wrong road as i was heading back into town for a late dinner. Glad i did too because i ended up at a park that i had not been before and the light was just coming through the clouds on the horizon, lighting up the clouds above me. It was great, too my left was a big flock of Canadian Geese and above me was this. Simple shots too, -1.5 exposure compensation with cloudy wb. After that it was a couple points in NX and done. My only wish was for a barn in the foreground, alas none in sight and thus the foreground had to be cut out. That didn’t damper my spirits though.

Images captured with D3, 17-55, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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