There’s Just No Good Tittle


Everyday time seems to slip by a little faster in ways that we don’t seem to notice the day before. Little cracks in the floors and in the walls, the spare minutes we use to get a cup of coffee or the extra seconds spent on reading comics in the paper. How much time of how many lives have spent walking through this hallway in Fort Point? This dark, faded, old hallway that echoes with time but reveals not to us the shoe prints of its existence. My Dad keeps telling me not to count time that every second counted is a second wasted, i was thinking about that a lot at the end of the workshop.


Well here we are overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge for the last time at this event and with our friends. Yea i know kind of a sad thought but it’s the truth. Back at the room, we spend our last night tonight huddled together watching the progress of a weeks worth of work being shown on the big screen. We rise in celebration of each others achievement as we all have images we like, love and treasure and the memories and stories to go with them. As the images run out we shake hands and part ways leaving one last inevitable thing, break down and goodbyes. Never knew which was harder. Slowly the room empties and the stories of past events comes out, just a group thing. I know goodbye’s are coming when Mom starts crying, for good reason, we’re all family. The old faces smile and look one last time at each other before leaving.  Slowly they pass beyond the doorway till only one hand remains waving goodbye and then they’re gone. Now just the six of us and even that won’t last long.


It’s always hard saying goodbye at the end of these long breaks. Each time  it seems to get harder and harder. More is crammed into them so as to not waste time and yet by doing so it seems to just go by faster. I seemed to have particular trouble letting go this time around, my usual moodiness yesterday was replaced with a more sorrowful one, i kept getting choked up; saying goodbye to certain people was just that much harder. I came to the realization that it hurts more this time because of everyone that made it such a wonderful break more so then any break before this. My thanks go out to just a handful of those people; my brother Brent and Katt who play games with me, ski and basically act like a brother should, to my big Sis who, makes us all smile, because of her big heart continually tries to teach my stubborn ass new things and who i already start to miss, to Mom just for being there like you always are taking care of us, I’m sure things would be up in flames if you weren’t and Dad my mentor and shooting buddy thanks for the continuing faith, guidance and for sharing your adventures with me. Thank you all for making one hell of a start to this new year. As this goes up I’ll be rolling down the road, the light on my shoulders the wind guiding my tail. The Sierra’s behind me and the Rockies in front of me. Just another day of life.

Images captured with D3, plane D3s, 24-70 AF-S, 70-300 AF-S VR, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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