Wheels a turnin’

Well hopefully for someone somewhere the wheels are a turning, for it’s back to a another familiar place to try and find new images that i haven’t already taken a dozen times in the past. It seems to be a recurring theme of mine lately, doesn’t it. Good news though, the fresh snow added some interesting elements to play with in one of my favorite ghost towns, Nevada City of course and that let new images arise that i never would have noticed otherwise. Of course all the rabbit tracks had my attention but they weren’t as cooperative. Wagon wheels are a lot of fun to play with because they can break up any linear element with that great curve and the light going through the spokes makes just amazing shadows.

Now the hard part i found was capturing that romance and nostalga feel to the pre-tire era which was was the wagon wheel. Getting the right angle with the right background to capture that fleeting moment of where the wheel has been and where it still wants to go is very important. I love working with these kind of wheels, i can never find enough of them. There truly are just so many ways to go about shooting them that it’s hard to talk about just these two.

Images captured with D3, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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