The Hot get Hotter

Day 2 arrives and the temperatures start heading in the direction we finally want them to go, up. Wait, did i say that! Yea believe it or not i did. The hotter it gets the better the shooting it gets. It means more birds at the water holes. Not great for us humans but that’s why it’s tough photography, and i love it. I’m enjoying every moment because you never know when you someone like this guy pops out. Nothing special just a Black Crested Titmouse, see them often. He is about the size of your thumb to finger, pretty small, and is very challenging to photograph. This bird hops around a lot. Getting a shot of it on a branch with a relatively clean background may sound easy but it can be quite frustrating and time consuming. It was one of those little joys getting that opportunity the other day.

Then there is this guy, probably saying o great another dove. Yea there are a lot down here. More than a lot, there seems to be an endless supply of them. That’s a good thing it apparently makes some of the other birds feel safe maybe that’s true maybe not hard to tell at the moment. This is a Common Ground Dove, a really cool one that i always liked mostly cause it has that red ring in it’s eye. Not much trick with shooting either of these two was in F8, minus a half exposure compensation in morning light. Let that morning glory do the rest.

Images captured with D3, 600f4, Tc-14e, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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