Grebe’s then and now

Many years ago, after the Banff DLWS, the folks and myself drove around Canada slowly working our way back down to Mammoth. Along the way we met up with Wayne and Aubry Lynch, two of Dad’s old friends. It was a honor such pronounced photographers. Well, he took us too a spot he found earlier that Spring, a pond filled with nesting Eared Grebes. It was back in the days of the D1 generation so needles to say the shooting was quite different but still a lot of fun. We got there at the perfect time because the eggs were just starting to hatch.

Yesterday morning Dad and I were out at one of our favorite haunts, Mono Lake. Every fall the Eared Grebes migrate through on their way to warmer waters. We thought we would try our luck with them. They were already in their winter plumage and very uncooperative. It was a long shot anyways, a couple days earlier a big storm came through and most likely blew them away. Always wanted to photograph again after the time in Canada, but this one didn’t quite stand up the same. Eh there’s always next Spring.

Images captured with (top) D100, 300f2.8, (bottom) D3, AF-S Nikkor 600f4, Tc-14e, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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