The Need for Power

The need for power has been longed for in every field. With it comes more options, more possibilities and more potential. But man does it come with a new learning curve. Recently i received a new computer, due to one of mine going down. Instead of a notebook like I’m used to working on, i went with a tower, Dell T3500, for serious processing. O boy is it fun. Running multiple external hard drives, Cintiqs, and being able to use CS5 a whole lot quicker than before. As i said though it came with a new learning curve. Windows 7 is all new to me, because for the longest time I’ve been using XP. O boy new windows fun to learn, and i was just getting used to XP. Can’t compare with the speed, means more time for shooting.

[swf], 295, 295[/swf]

This image was one of the first processed by my new comp along with the ones with the PT-22 Recruit. These big bad boys didn’t require too much time to work with but the PT-22 did. I can honestly say that they were finished faster than if i had worked on them with my notebook. But then that is expected with 3 times the ram, 1 Tb of hard drive space and of course 64bit, which I’m also not quite used to. New toys, new things to learn, new fun.

[swf], 585, 425[/swf]

Images captured with D3, AF-S Nikkor 24-70mmf/2.8, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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