The Forgotten Ones

Blog’s are tricky things as it turns out. There are many views on what should and should not be done. How to get more views out of ones site. One of the biggest complaints and reasonable objection is that once a post has been published it will eventually get lost. After a month goes by, or even sooner then that, that post will no longer be in recent posts and it will have been forgotten. Why then go through the work of creating a blog, creating the posts, creating the content if we know that it will eventually be forgotten? I honestly don’t have an answer, but i have an idea. It occurred to me this past weekend that it would be very simple to make a spot on the blog that you could go to find certain posts, ones that either i liked writing or ones that you liked to look at, and that spot would have all the ones that won’t be forgotten. Over time it will eventually grow to house more posts, but for now i started with just three. Three posts that long ago i wrote and have been buried in other posts since. Up at the top is section under tips called The Forgotten, and in that section will be any old posts that i feel deserves a reprieve. Since I’m a nice guy though i thought i would add the three posts i put up into this post as links in the bottom. We shall find out if those posts deserve to stay forgotten or not.

[swf], 585, 435[/swf]
Flying Fast in the P51

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The Cliff Owners

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