Blog Maintenance

Ah the joy of blogs. Creating content, keeping up with other bloggers, and of course maintenance. Maintenance, not something one would imagine would be an issue with a blog. I mean you buy the host, download the theme, upload it and start creating content. Besides updating wordpress every now and then what else is there? Well as i have learned there’s a lot more!

About a month ago I changed blog themes and since then i have slowly upgraded, improved and added to my site. However, during this process several little issues arose that were “bugging” me to say the least and they needed to be taken care of. Little things like the image slider wouldn’t save the images, certain buttons wouldn’t work, and frankly there wasn’t enough images or posts visible. Well thanks to my good friend RC we were able to go through, talk through some of the issues and find the answers. One of the easiest solutions turned out to be an update to the wordpress theme. Apparently the writer was either told or figured out that there were some changes needed and decided to make our lives easier.

Check this out!

You might be wondering why I’m bothering spending the time typing all of this out. Well quite simply any photographer takes care in his craft. We spend the time practicing in the field and preparing for that time in the field, learning the techniques necessary to capture the images we’re after, acquiring the equipment, and of course post processing skills. Well all that time spent preparing images to be presented when the time comes to actually put the image out in the public it’s important and desired to have the best pedestal possible for display. Which is why blog maintenance is so important. Now of course not everyone is an expert at blog coding which is why RC has spent the last year creating this wonderful book that goes step by step on what to do to get going, make it pretty, and solve some issues. Give it a look.

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