A Good Read

Part of my job, and is for all photographers, is to bring to attention good places to find material that is useful for your photography to grow. It’s not always easy to find such places or such material but it is necessary. My Dad is real good at that, he has been doing this photography thing for so long that it seems to come naturally to him. For me, I’m still learning but that comes with time. Since i started in Aviation Photography I have been trying to learn the history behind these planes. There is so much to learn about these planes, from the paint jobs, to the mechanics of how the engine works, to the pilots themselves, it just seems endless.

Recently i finished reading To Fly and Fight. It’s about Bud Anderson a triple ace in WWII with 16 1/4 kills. It is fascinating to hear his story from being a farm boy to becoming the head of fly operations at Edwards Air force Base, including test piloting several aircraft. I have to warn you this book isn’t just facts. It’s a true pilots perspective of being in the Air Force; the challenges, the joys, the pains and the life. Give it a read, it’s worth your time.

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