What we Strive to Achieve

What should the goal be for a photographer when he is starting out? Most would say to get published. Others might say just to have fun and get experience behind the camera so you can do a better job later on. How many would argue that the goal should be to help others by providing a service with our images in order for them to grow and for you as photographer to grow? Probably not that many, but how else do we get a start? For me that answer came pretty quickly. About a year ago my Dad introduced me to an editor that runs a free online magazine, Airplanista, when he’s not at work or spending time with his family. He does this for the sole purpose of bringing stories to life for the aviation enthusiasts out there that can’t always get to the book store.

Current Issue

Now some of you might remember that I have been in this magazine a few times. From a one image double truck, to a cover and now my first four page spread, my photography has expanded in the hopes that it will inspire others to pick up a camera and start shooting. This current issue features images of mine from Oshkosh this past July. It covers the time that most people don’t see the show, when the light is truly magical. It’s experiences like this one and others that need to be viewed and remembered. So take a minute and check it out.

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