Enjoying the Storm

For the last couple of days we have had storms come through Bozeman. It’s finally starting to feel like Fall which is one of the seasons I love most here in the Rockies. The other night i was tired of sitting around behind a computer so I decided to drive up the Bridger Mountains to see what the clouds were like on the east side.

[swf]http://www.jakepeterson.org/swf_imgs/LCMTBM0614.swf, 585, 435[/swf]

I pulled over at one place and looked back to see the god beams coming through the pass. The Aspens in the foreground was a nice touch but had to do some house cleanup in post. The downside was, in order to get the best shot i had use HDR which I’m still not very good at. It’s kind of a weird feeling working with landscapes again after spending so much time with planes. It’ll be nice to start working with that realm again.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 70-200 VRI, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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