It’s Time to Get Out

Over this last week i have blogged about office work and techniques that can help get things moving faster. Well as useful as some of that might have been, truly the most useful advice is just to get out of the office. It’s the sad reality of our work that we have to spend time behind the computer in order to push forward with any photography business, but that can’t be the only thing. So as the blog title says, it’s time to get out.

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It doesn’t really matter where or when but at some point it’s necessary to get out shooting this weekend. I implore all of you to do just that because the drive of the photographer must always be the capturing of that which hasn’t been captured. As important as technique might be it’s certainly not everything.

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Whether it’s a sporting event, an airshow, a concert whatever go to do something. It really doesn’t matter try something new, or something familiar anything is good when you’re out with a camera in hand.

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For those of you in the wildlife realm it’s a perfect time to be out. The Fall migration is here, ruts are happening and the critters are starting to look there best. Especially those mammals whose thick winter coats are coming in.

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Sometimes it’s best just to take a drive and stare at the Fall color. It’s better than staring at these monitors.

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