Bad Weather Over Blue Lake

It’s that time of the year when driving back to California from Montana is always the worst for me. Having grown up in the mountains I know all to well the dangers of Winter driving. When going through West Yellowstone and down to Island Park the road is usually iced over. But that’s what ya gotta do to get home for the holidays. This past Thanksgiving I was at home and it was great, then I had to come back to reality. Along the way I found a good place to stop.

Less than a week ago I was driving back to Montana and found that despite the immense wind, were some very nice clouds. Just outside of Wendover NV, I drove down to the shore line of what was essentially the west side of the Great Salt Lake, and found behind me just an amazing display of light bouncing around. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen that night with how dark it was. I mean it was four in the afternoon and it looked like the sun was down.

I stepped out of my truck and immediately had to put gloves on. The wind chill was just brutal. Despite the cold, the wind did make those clouds bounce around the sky. I looked back behind me and the sky just kept on getting better. Those little pockets of light made all the difference. Those Winter storms that come through may not be great for driving conditions but they do make for some excellent photographs.

Images Captured with Nikon D3, AF 18mm, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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