The Gear Needed to Get the Job Done

With the New Year upon us it’s time to evaluate what we learned from last year, what tools were used and what wasn’t needed. Part of this process is devoted to cleaning out the old gear cabinet of what we don’t use anymore. But how do we know what’s good to have and what’s not? There is no formula for what gear to own and what not to own. No one can tell you what works for your style of photography. Most of it comes down to trial and error, error being the key word there. If you’re curious as to what my mistakes have led to you can check my current gear layout.

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Over the years knowledge and experience helps to make those decisions on what works and what doesn’t. Having gone from working with Alaskan Marmots to the mighty Grizzly bears, I can tell you ho important it is to know your equipment. When sitting on a ridge for six hours in the rain, waiting for one of those buggers to stick his head out, or sitting by a river watching the bears fish in a land that has no human presence, knowing your equipment and skills is crucial. Without it, those moments are lost.

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When the seasons change and for a few moments you see the last beauty before the cold winter sets in, that’s when you want to be out, camera in hand.

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Down in Arizona we were up for a morning shoot, the sun hadn’t risen yet and it was still raining. We waited and watched as slowly the clouds lifted. As they parted the sun rose, lighting up the sky like a true desert sunrise. The shooting immaculate, the experience unforgettable. All through the knowledge and experience from constantly shooting, playing with gear.

For the last few days I’ve spent a more time then desired working not only on a gear page but also evaluating my own inventory. It’s amazing when all written down in a list how much stuff there really is crammed into one camera bag. When you start breaking it down into the smaller items, accessories and what not, it really adds up. The gear page now up on my sight is for those in question as to what I use and why. In partner with that info are a number of links for B&H Photography. From the short time that I have been working with them, they have proven to be just an amazing supplier. The dedication to it’s customers and affiliates, through emails and phone calls, is impressive. They are truly there to help every photographer.

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