In Accordance with the Release of Red Tails

Like most days when struggling to find something good to blog about, it’s the little things that spark an idea at the last moment before you start to work on something else that gives that light bulb. Today is the release of the movie “Red Tails,” which I am looking forward to seeing, and it seemed appropriate to blog about some real Red Tails considering none were used in the movie.

[swf], 585, 435[/swf]

There are a few P-51C Mustangs painted in memorial of the Tuskegee Airmen, this particular one is down at Fantasy of Flight, part of Kermit Weeks collection that I had the great fortune of being able to photograph last April. This P-51C is painted in the scheme of Lee Archer’s plane, “Ina the Macon Belle,” and the armor plating in the cockpit is in fact autographed by Archer himself. It is an absolutely amazing aircraft, that does a great job honoring those brave men.

[swf], 585, 435[/swf]

If you want to know more about the Tuskegee Airmen then here is one of many sites dedicated to them. Here is another Tuskegee Group Site based out of Los Angeles.

If you want to see more images both Air to Air and Static then you can head to my Galleries where several images have been posted.

In the Camera Bag

Nikon D3, 70-200 VRII, TC-17e, on Lexar UDMA digital Film

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