Oh Hard drives, thy art thou handicap

It’s the problem that never goes away, the need for more space. It’s interesting that the change from more giant filling cabinets for slides, which would take up more and more office space has changed to the need for smaller and smaller micro chips that allow the storage of ever increasing file sizes. Now I realize this is old news but it’s kind of trippy when you think about the change that’s occurred over the last 13 years.

Buffalo 4GB

One thing that I have found that cannot be reiterated enough is the need for multiple backups. Having just had to rebuild an array for one of my hard drives, I was sure glad that I not only was using Buffalos NAS Terastations but also that I had an entirely separate hard drive designated as a backup. Didn’t lose anything through the process but boy did it make me sweat and say thank you for previous planning.

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