Gaining that Knowledge

A very important aspect of photography is acquiring new information to use in your images. Depending on your field of interest that might vary where you obtain that information. Everything from blogs, magazines, books, radio, television etc. All of these outlets are great ways to gather those little tidbits that make you stop and go, “hey what if I try this with the camera?”



One thing I was encouraged to do both from my Dad and my professors in college was to have an idea book. Nothing more than a basic journal entry where i wrote down interesting ideas, websites I hear about, books that sound interesting, possible photo shoots, anything that might spark an idea later on. With technology making life so convenient these days it’s really simple to write down a note on the old iPhone or iPad and then save it for later. I encourage everyone as they go about their daily routine to think about doing this, because you never know when one of those little thoughts might just come back and make a big difference in your life.

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