In the Holiday Spirit

I thought I would extend this one more day seeing how it is Cyber Monday, and it is truly one of the fun parts about having a blog. Left in my inventory from Peterson’s Flying Circus, our Reno Air Races Print Booth this season, are 9 16″x20″ metal prints made by Image Wizards. These metal prints are literally an image printed on a sheet of aluminum with frame-less borders and a recessed box frame mount so the prints stick about 1.5″ inches away from the wall. It’s just way cool!

Now as I said I have 9 of these prints, one of each of the images below. All of them are 16″x20″ and ready to be shipped. The price is $295 per print and that includes shipping and handling. That special price is for these 9 prints only, if you are interested in another image up on site feel free to drop me a line. If you’re interested in any of these fine prints email me the file name under each print and it’s yours.


T6 Texan AVCAFF4178


P-51C Mustang AVFOFFT0537


TP-40 Warhawk AVFOFSC2037


F2G-2 Super Corsair AVRARSC3728


Precious Metal AVRARSC5930


P-51D Mustang AVRARUD0064


Hawker Sea Fury Sawbones AVRARUD2286

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