Prepping for next season

It maybe a little early to start getting ready for the Spring but in this business getting ahead of the game is important. In the winter months shooting definitely slows down a little bit which is great to catch up on images and to get ready for the next season. Going through equipment is a great place to start. All those little notes you made about what worked where and when makes it easier to figure out what is needed and what’s ready to be updated.


One of the prime lenses in my bag is the 200-400 VR. It’s the perfect lens for both wildlife work and planes but just like any other piece of equipment it requires maintenance and cleaning every now and again. What better time to do that then when things are slow. It may seem a like a little thing but often times it’s those little things that make all the difference.

vulture strap

Now’s also a good time to try out new products that didn’t work well this past airshow season. One critical piece of gear that you need to be happy with is, the strap. Everyone needs a comfortable, reliable, lightweight yet strong, camera strap. There are hundreds of different ones on the market and it comes down to which one fits your style. For me it’s a combination of the Sunsniper strap and Vulture strap. Both have their uses, Sunsiper for the 200-400 and Vulture for the camera and small lens. It’s my system and it works.


In the end you got to come up with your own system and time that so it fits your shooting schedule. Prep work is essential to get those great shots.

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