Getting through those images

The trip is over, the images are filed and the stories are sitting in the back of your mind ready to be written down. What stands in your way but all those images that need to be processed. Oh that time consuming task of getting through thousands of images only for them to then sit in a folder as you try and make that sale. It’s a pain in the butt chore but it’s a pretty darn important one. When you’re working in a field that mostly takes place between Spring and Fall, which is especially true when living in a state that snows a lot, there tends to be a bit of down time. It’s great being able to chase those winter blizzards and fresh snow, but it also provides lots of time to work on images and write new articles. We all have to find time to get through our projects, not only is it good to progress forward but also to just feel the accomplishment of getting something done.




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