A New albeit common one for the files

Yesterday I talked about going to those old haunts over and over again. Well as I said there is always the chance of improvement and then there is the chance of something new. While I was on the Gallatin I noticed this Spotted Sandpiper, a common bird but one that I have never photographed but always see down there. After a few landscape shots I switched over to the 70-200 VRII and 1.7 Teleconverter. Although that might seem strange there is a reason why. First the 200-400 was at home as I don’t tend to use it for landscapes and the 600f4 was in my bag. Second I didn’t trust myself with the 600f4 on the rocky water edge chasing this little bird. I really was just intending to shoot landscapes. So I went with a backup option and for a beginning shot of this species for the files, it ain’t half bad. The best part is I know where they are to go and improve upon.


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