The Buffalo Ministations Thunderbolt

For many years now I have been a long supporter of Buffalo hardrives. I have 24TB of NAS drives in my office as Primaries and portable Ministations when I travel. Well Africa was a series of jinxes it felt like. It started with my brother and then it transferred over to me. I had a number of issues through the trip thankfully they were all small and all easily fixed. Well one of the worst ones was having one of my portable Buffalo 1TB Ministations Thunderbolt go down when I got back home. Thankfully with their warranty service it was easily replaced on I was back up and going in a couple weeks. It was a good thing I had a backup made to use during that time. But this all brings me back to how good these drives really are.



These little drives are awesome. First they are fast. They have USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt making them compatible for all while still be really fast. Next they are small. They easily fit inside any briefcase or camera bag while being less then 10oz in weight. That’s huge for travel! Lastly, if you have a problem like I did, they are really good about taking care of you. Now as we all know this storage game is a constant battle but for $160 bucks over at BnH they are a great way to get ahead of the game.

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