Have you Gotten Through all those Images Yet?

With the new year comes many challenges that every photographer has to face. Lately I’ve been asked two questions in reference to the end of last year and the beginning of this one, the first one that I felt like talking about is whether I got all of my images done from Africa? Well “done” is a mixed bag and raises another point. While all of my images are safely backed up and properly filed, I haven’t gotten every image finished yet partly because I don’t want to finish every image. This is a decision that every photographer has to make after every shoot is how much time do we spend finishing our images? For me, Wildlife images are simple because I don’t do anything to them in post. But when coming back from a trip with 30K Wildlife shots, you have to be kind of picky.


The point I’m driving at is as you continue to improve your technique you have to also be able to narrow down a selection, knowing full well which images will fulfill each purpose in your business. The blog, the presentation, the prints and the articles all need images. Having the images finished and properly selected is the only way to stay ahead. Finding the time to accomplish all of that is always the challenge.

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