The People Make it Worthwhile

I know today is Thursday and that usually means I talk about some unique aircraft but since this is a very special week where I am currently in the field working with some unique aircraft, I’m actually going to push my usual Thursday post to tomorrow when I can properly explain what makes this week so special. In the meantime I thought I’d talk about something else. There are three types of photography when it comes to the planes themselves: static, ground to air and air to air. Every aviation image can be filed under one of those categories but when it comes to the category of Aviation photography one of the most crucial elements is the people.


People keep these planes flying and it is there love and devotion that allows the rest of us to enjoy the planes. You can’t really tell the whole story without the people that are a part of it. Everyone from the pilots that fly the plane and of course the photographers that the pilots are flying around.AVFOFSC2631

The reenactors that devote their time to their craft in making accurate renditions of what it would’ve been like to witness these planes back in the day when they were flying all over the world.


Most importantly, the men that flew these planes when they were asked to for a cause. Slowly these WWII Veterans are slipping away from us and the need to be included in the story more then anyone else. Like Vic here who flew B-25’s in the Pacific. All of the volunteers, pilots, and veterans help keep these planes alive and that’s what matters.

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