Just a Touch of Light is All it Takes

I love the photographs that don’t require any post work, any explanation, or any serious thought. Simple images that tell a story can be so powerful. Positive Space and Negative Space play a big role in telling every story and when it comes to creating that contrast a little can go a long way. I’ve always been a fan of using natural light because that not only keeps things simple but natural tells it’s own story. It’s pretty impressive to think in a single day we go from no light, to light everywhere, to light being gone again. This range allows for so many options.


Sometimes that little spot is all it takes to tell a big story. How you compose the image is entirely up to whether you want to see the whole landscape or just a snipit of the entire scene. Depending on how much light is available will determine what to do. These are examples of both, the top being shot with the 24-70 AF-S and the bottom with the 70-200 VRII.

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