Fall Landscape Photography

Fall is back and that means the brilliant oranges, yellows and reds are here too. While here in Gallatin Valley the Cottonwoods are just starting to turn, the signs that winter is approaching are everywhere. This is one of the times when I enjoy shooting the most because there are some many opportunities even if there isn’t the best light.


Color is big factor when it comes to landscapes and it can determine how effective the overall photograph is. One of the nice things about fall color is that the faded yellows are a much brighter color then the blue skies and forested green mountains. That contrast between the colors makes it so that even in not the greatest light you can get a reasonably good image. I shot this a year ago with the D3 and 14-24 AF-S in the middle of the day. Granted there was some cloud diffusion adding a shadow and a little bit more depth but overall the contrast comes from the blue sky and the yellow fields. While you are out shooting this week be sure to watch the color differences and how they play on the land.

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