Knowledge is Key

It’s funny as you get older the things that start meaning more to you. When you’re a kid all you can think about is the next toy or the next game that will be more fun then the last. In some ways being a photographer is like being an adult kid. We travel a lot, we meet a lot of people, we get to play with really awesome toys and we decide when we want to share the results. One thing that I have truly come to enjoy and treasure are my books, which ironically, I never liked reading when I was a kid.



Books don’t just look good in a home or office they are a gateway to more knowledge. Knowledge is truly an important thing when it comes to each owns photography because the more you know about a subject the better your photographs will be. When it comes to Aviation or Wildlife photography, knowing your biology is key to getting that one great shot or knowing about where that particular plane flew and fought helps when planning an air to air. It’s simple to think about afterward but it’s so critical in the planning of any shoot is that knowledge. Sometimes it’s best when you can’t think of what to shoot next it’s best to put down the camera and pick up a book.

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