My First Winter Pano

I love making panos because they show so much of the world around you. It’s amazing how much our eyes take in for our brains to process and trying to capture that is never easy. Panos are a great option for showing more especially with more detail then a single image could provide. While I was driving home the other day I noticed a thick ground fog that was obscuring the mountains but was also creating some great color due to the fading sun. Naturally I had to stop.

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I like keeping my pano setup real simple. I shoot closed down in order to get as much depth as possible because this is going to end up being really big. This was a four image pano, taken with the D4 and 24-70 AF-S and merged together in Adobe Camera Raw. Now if you’ve ever been to the Midwest then you’ve probably seen the rolling fields and in winter those fields are covered in snow. Well I keep trying to find new ways to show the beauty of those fields because in winter they become almost waves of white that reflect everything. There is such a natural forming contrast in the rolling hills, the harder you look the more detail pops out but in the same instance you can look across the entire landscape and see nothing but white. It’s just another reason why I love living in Montana.

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