Blog Maintenance

It’s one of the few chores that I don’t really enjoy. Going through and doing blog maintenance is really important but it’s not something that I enjoy doing. It takes a lot of time to go through and test all of the links, look at all the photos and find outdated ones, create links to new content and pages, add to the gallery and so on. It’s just a nonstop part of keeping a blog going but it really is important and while I don’t like doing it, I love seeing the results.

Blog maintenance

Just like everything else in photography the work isn’t always the most enjoyable part but seeing the final outcome and feeling proud of yourself for having accomplished it, makes all the work worthwhile. While I don’t like spending hours doing maintenance I know that it is needed and the results are worth it. The other aspect that is important to keep in mind is that for somebody new coming to your blog, their first impression will say if they go back. Since we can’t meet people in the face on the internet to make an impression, are blogs and websites have to do that for us. Making sure everything is working and looking professional is really important when it comes to those impressions because you never know who that next person is that comes along and sees something they like and then wants to hire you.

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