Time Will Tell

If you follow my blog then you’ve probably seen me post images of barns. I photograph barns a lot because they are great subjects to work with. Each one is a little bit more unique and each one has it’s own story. The best part is as soon as you find one the hard part of finding a subject for a landscape image is done. Well this particular barn I’ve known about for years but I’ve never gotten a shot of it that I have liked. Until now.


This is actually a well known barn as it sits right by the entrance to Hyalite Canyon. A lot of people go by it everyday making it a very popular barn. In fact I’d be willing to bet that just about every photo student that went through MSU has stopped and thought about this barn at some point. While it’s easy to get to it’s not easy to photograph and believe me I’ve tried! Due to the angle and proximity to the road it’s a challenge. We just had a nice storm come through dropping off a couple of inches of fresh powder in the valley. The clouds opened up in the afternoon so I went out for a little bit. These are the days I enjoy the most. Just going out shooting with no real agenda and what do you know this barn finally looked good. All the elements finally came together for me to actually stop and want to capture an image. In the past there was always an issue, whether the light, the angle, the background, cars going by, something. Not this time. With the D4 and 70-300 VR, it was just right. This really has to be one of those being patient and constantly trying images because it really has been years of waiting for that right moment. The funny part is as I am writing this I’m already thinking about how this could be better and having to wait for the next opportunity.

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