the 18-35mm is just wicked Sharp!

I’ve only had the 18-35mm f3.5 for a couple of weeks now but I got to say I really like that lens! It’s just a great light weight lens. It’s wicked sharp and the 18 to 35 range is great for landscapes. It’s also great for working inside of planes or other small spaces, as I tested that out last weekend at the LA County Airshow. But one thing that I wanted to make sure I did this year was try the 18-35 with snow.


On Monday I went up to Hyalite Canyon after the snow stopped to work with the fresh powder. I love fresh powder. There is something about fresh snow that it’s just crisper or brighter. Whatever it is, there is a visual difference when compared to snow that has been on the ground for a couple of days. Well this one spot just happened to be rather low in the river so it seemed like the right spot to bring out the 18-35. Real simple one click image that was finished in Adobe Camera Raw.

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