You Got To Work The Crowds

The one thing that there is more of at Oshkosh then planes is people. It’s really a pretty amazing place to have thousands of aviation enthusiasts show up for the week. Not just fans but pilots, historians, re-enactors, and of course veterans. They all have stories and it’s impossible to hear them all.


When it comes to the people shots I don’t in any ways consider myself an expert. But what I can say is that the best moments are often the ones that aren’t scripted. There are of course the events that are meant to bring people in. Then are those candid shots that you only see by watching the people enjoy the show. That’s one of the great things about EAA Airventure is that you can just stop and people watch. My favorite combo in the past and will be slightly upgraded this year is the D5 and 200-400 VR. The 70-200 VRII works well too but the 200-400 allows you to zoom in and isolate those moments between the crowd and the planes. As opposed to taking everything in you then isolate on just those candid shots. The two images I posted are exceptions to this, these were both captured with the 70-200. Why did I post them? Well I love seeing the re-enactors who are devoted to their craft and the veterans who come out to tell their story.

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