The P-64

EAA Airventure always has a lot to offer and this year was no different. One of the very special planes that was flew was Paul Poberezny’s North American P-64. For those that don’t know Paul Poberezny and his wife Audrey, started EAA many years ago. His old field, hangars and personnel memorabilia including his library can still be seen at the EAA museum today. In 2013 they started work on getting the P-64 up and flying. Being one of only 13 planes made and 1 of 2 survivors left in the world, it was a real treat to see this plane fly.




The P-64 is the USAAC designation for the NA-68 which the NA-68 was an upgraded NA-50. It was single seat fighter trainer built in the late 1930’s. Most of the planes were sold to Peru and the Royal Thai Air Force. Seven NA-50’s went to Peru and were used in the Ecuadorian-Peruvian war. A parallel order was made for Thailand but the export was cancelled and the planes returned where they were designated the P-64 and used as a basic trainer. This P-64 is the only one in the United States. The second example is at a museum in Peru. Photographically it is a great subject as it stands out even against the baldest of skies.

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