Long Exposure’s with the Lake Lodge

After spending a little time at Oshkosh shooting the fireworks during the night performance, I was intrigued enough to continue trying long exposures at other locations. While up at Flathead Lake the Lakeside Lodge was a perfect subject for just this. This place is so immaculate that it’s hard to believe that it is owned by the Presbyterian church as a kids camp. It looks more like one of those exclusively owned super mansions. At night the place is so light up that even with the half moon behind it the exposures turned out great.


Shooting setup for this was pretty darn simple. The D5, 18-35mm f3.5-4.5, on a tripod. Both of these were 25sec exposures with very minor post processing. The sensor in the D5 is so good that there really wasn’t any clean up even with noise. Granted this place is pushing out a ton of light making pretty much everything light up which was helping me out a lot.

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