Please Be Respectful

If you are a photographer or a fisherman then this is really important. We are in a warm summer which means that water temps will be warm and water levels low. A number of rivers in Montana right now are closed because of this which makes the spots that are open more heavily fished. It is very important to remember that when fishing or taking pictures afterwards that you be as quick as you can with your aquatic subject.


Outdoor recreation is a ton of fun but it does require respect if we want these places to exist in the future. Fish don’t do well out of the water after they have been played. It’s critical that you get them in as soon as you can and if you intend to take photos to be as quick as possible. Make sure that you put the fish in the water in between shots or do only shots where the subject is partly submerged. There are many stories and news reports going around right now of fish being dead on the shoreline because of selfies. Please be respectful! They might be fish that we like to catch but they are still another living animal on this planet.

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