The Hangar tells the Story

As I talked about in my post yesterday, the planes are not always the most important element in the story. At Dekalb Peachtree Airport, outside Atlanta GA, the Atlanta Warbird Weekend was held in part at the Epps Hangar. Mr. Pat Epps bought the hangar and started his business at the airport many many years ago and has grown it into the second busiest airport in the US. While doing so he maintained the integrity of the place by keeping and still using the old WWII hangar that used to house the airports fleet of Corsairs. This hangar was a huge detail in the photographs when all five P-40’s were parked inside.


This hangar is pretty darn cool. As the sun moves throughout the day the light inside the hangar changes positions as it comes through the upstairs windows. As a result the inside becomes a very warm and interesting place to shoot. Now these are simple clicks with the D5, 24-70 AF-S, and the 70-200 VRII but it shows how big and characteristic the hangar is. This one diamond is of particular interest as it is the last piece of the original scaffold from WWII.

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