Can’t be afraid of the Snow

Snow is a great element to work with but is often overlooked in certain fields. While it is most commonly photographed with outdoor sports such as skiing and snowboarding, as well as with landscape photography to which I am guilty, it is also an important aspect when it comes to aviation. Planes don’t stop flying just because of snow. While in some places they are wintered in warmer areas the planes still have to go through general maintenance. Photographing planes in the snow is no different then in the summer time with the emphasis still on safety.


One of my favorite experiences was when I was first starting out and I went up in a T6 Texan to photograph another T6 Texan. As you can see there was snow in the background. It was cold shooting out of that open cockpit back with the D3 and 24-70 AF-S but the flight started and ended positively which was all that mattered. The photographs are different and snow pictures aren’t seen as often. From a business stand point it makes more sense to shoot now then in the summer. Commercial and GA flights happen regularly, with GA flights more so on nice days. Provided you keep safety in mind at all times, you can make some nice images happen.

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