Test Yourself

A big part of photography is always testing yourself and pushing to see what else you can do. This is truly the only way you can learn. While driving back from Spokane I stopped at Lookout Pass which is on the border between Idaho and Montana. Not only is it a big ski resort but it is also absolutely beautiful. You can see some of the shots I posted on Wednesday of more of the details of the landscape. What intrigued me the most was the way the sun was coming through the clouds and trying to capture it.


Shooting with the D4 and 18-35mm by going wider I was bringing in more detail and more light. The obvious answer was to do a bracketed set and then bring those into ACR and merge them with the HDR ability. Since I was trying to make this in one click, I exposed for the highlights and then in post brought out the shadows. Since the goal was to keep a darker image having all of those details brought out wasn’t needed. While I still consider this a bit of an experiment it’s at least a first step to coming up with something new.

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