How Do You Show It’s Cold?

To say my friends and myself are spoiled when we go out fishing is an understatement. But when the weather service says it will be over 20 degrees and the high ends up being 16, well being spoiled becomes a necessity. There are many ways to show it’s cold out but this image seemed so obvious that I had to take it. Of course with the train going by I feel like we were a bunch of hobos trying to catch dinner but we won’t go there.

Every adventure, even small ones, have lots of facets to it that require lots of images. Some are easy to spot and some aren’t. This one was a no brainer. In order to tell the whole story from travel, to environment, to portrait, Monday’s post covers that one, you have to be shooting. This was a simple click with the D5 and 24-70 f/2.8 but at first I did it wrong because I didn’t use my SB-5000 Flash. After the first click I checked and realized that by using flash, the light would bounce off the snow and add in some fill light needed to bring out the two bums by the fire. With the thick overcast overhead flash was essential.

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